Success Stories

These are just a few of the successful shape-shifters who learned how to Get Out Of Shape™. They continue to un-shape every day and make appointments as they get stuck. Each one of them has a personalized set of skills to alleviate their pain as it happens, how to prevent future limitations, and improve in whatever they choose to accomplish in life. There is always room for your success story!


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Ways To Get Out Of Shape


Individually Focused - Hands-On

In your private clinical sessions, Ryan Moschell, CHSE assesses you, works according to your specific need of pain relief, flexibility, or peak athletic performance, while teaching you how to care for yourself for the rest of your life. (Learn More)


Group Movement Instruction

You and your colleagues, corporation, organization, community, or sports team can learn health skills together in order to solve your own painful limiting issues and improve your athletic performance. Group settings are both economical and community minded. (Learn More)


Informative Talks

Your group is always searching for new innovative ideas and solutions. Invite Ryan Moschell to help change lives - even in as little as a 20 minute talk. Each talk is tailored to fit to your audience and their needs and incorporates a few skills your group can use on the go. (Learn More)