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Get Your Wiggle Back - Class 2 of 6

All ages and all levels of experience are welcome to attend
Be capable to do gentle, slow, self-regulated movements
* If needed you will need to get clearance from your doctor for gentle movement classes

Ryan Moschell, CHSE, LMT will teach you how to Get Out Of Shape® by learning to retrain your brain and prepare your muscles so you can regain strength, range of motion, control, coordination, and alleviate many of the common physical complaints that can come from Sensory Motor Amnesia, AKA chronically contracted muscles. What you will learn is a system of neuromuscular re-education (mind-body training) that enables you to enjoy freedom from pain and ease of movement for the rest of your life!

Winter Focus - All levels of students are welcome to attend.
This class series will be focusing on how one of the reasons we have Sensory-motor amnesia (Chronically contracted muscles) after 30 years of age is due to the fact that we systematically take the wiggle out of our children. Wiggling and moving as we feel the need is our natural way to alleviate sameness. Sameness is a result of being in the same position or executing repetitive actions for extended periods of time. Many times our response to sameness is to involuntarily tense our muscles. This series will touch on what sameness is, learn ways to manage neuromuscular stiffness, and find ways to get your wiggle back. For those that are regulars we will continue to refine what you know and challenge those places you have yet to discover. Remember this process is ongoing and cumulative so keep moving with us this winter to Get Out Of Shape® so you can keep feeling better everyday.

        $125 for 6 class series (Per person - in advance) 
        $180 for late registration (Not paid before the last class of the current series)
        $30 per drop in class

2nd and 4th Wednesdays
          Dec  13, 27
          Jan   10, 24
          Feb   14, 28

          6:45 - 8:15 pm

RSVP and Pay Online - Space is limited so sign up now. Click Here 

           351 Dubois Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401

Flyer  - To be printed, posted on social media, or e-mailed
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         Extra layer of clothing     
         Blanket or Mat   
         Check, Cash, Credit Card (+ fee)  
              Paper & Pen  

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