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Your online movement classes are performed through a web videocamera, sitting or lying down. You are fully clothed. Your Clinical Somatic Educator, Ryan, assesses through video which of your muscles are feeling stiff, tense, and holding you into limiting body shapes. These are practitioner guided, client regulated and very gentle movements.

He will ask you to move a certain body part, like an arm, shoulder, or leg in a specialized way. Your movements are very slow and gentle, rather like the slow movements when you awaken in the morning. This is the beginning of starting your muscles moving correctly again.

Under his instruction and your gentle aware movements, your muscles can ease from their tension and stiffness, starting to work as they should work - freely and without pain.

Your pain, stiffness, and tension can begin to release during your your first online class, and since this process is cumulative more freedom can coming back into your muscles and body as you continue with your maintenance movements..

Once you have completed your first class Ryan will work with you until you feel ready to maintain your progress on your own. Attending 5 sessions in the beginning is suggested and is very important to the foundation of your Somatic learning process. Over time you can return for Stay Out Of Shape follow up sessions regularly, or when you get stuck.

You will be doing gentle, easy maintenance movements at home, to continue the work we do together, keep your muscles moving freely, and staying pain-free.

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Maintenance Movement Classes

Maintenance Movement Classes

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You may want to consider one of our workshops as a way to help
a group experience and learn the skills needed to Get Out Of Shape

The good news is - because you learned how to get into your unique limiting shapes, you can also learn how to Get Out Of Shape. There is a way to give yourself freedom of movement and reverse what causes you pain everyday for the rest of your life. We offer three main ways for you to learn;  In-Person Sessions, Webcam Sessions, Workshops, and Group Talks.


Individually Focused - Hands-On

In your private clinical sessions, Ryan Moschell, CHSE assesses you, works according to your specific need of pain relief, flexibility, or peak athletic performance, while teaching you how to care for yourself for the rest of your life. (Learn More)

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From Anywhere in The World

Webcam sessions are performed sitting or lying down from anywhere in the world. Through practitioner guided, client regulated movements you will learn how you can ease your muscles from their tension and stiffness every day for the rest of your life. (Learn More)


Group Movement Instruction

You and your colleagues, corporation, organization, community, or sports team can learn health skills together in order to solve your own painful limiting issues and improve your athletic performance. Group settings are both economical and community minded. (Learn More)


Informative Talks

Your group is always searching for new innovative ideas and solutions. Invite Ryan Moschell to help change lives - even in as little as a 20 minute talk. Each talk is tailored to fit to your audience and their needs and incorporates a few skills your group can use on the go. (Learn More)