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Ryan Moschell is a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator® from the prestigious Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training®, as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist. In 2015 Ryan was elected to the board of directors for the Association of Hanna Somatic Educators Inc.® 

His many years of professional training, almost two decades of cultivated compassion as a bodyworker, and his BA in Cultural Anthropology offers him a broader perspective on human behavior and how a cultural norms can affect ones health and wellbeing. He has an innate curiosity and has cultivated an ability to continually find new and creative ways of communicating and connecting with each of his clients . Ryan combines and utilizes many of the specialized techniques he has learned over the years to enhance his clients’ experience as they move from pain to pain-free on their way to their full potential.  

Ryan says, "I discovered Hanna Somatic Education, or HSE, after years of struggling with my own chronic shoulder tension and pain. Embodying HSE has enabled me to alleviate and now consistently prevent the symptoms of my previous pain and stiffness opening my life to new possibilities and freedom. My personal success has inspired me to continually deepen my own experience and knowledge of Somatics, empowering me to offer my clients the highest quality of Somatic Education available."

Ryan has a thriving full time practice in Annapolis, Maryland and Washington, DC.  I am also traveling regularly to a growing clientele on the Easter Shore and in Western Maryland.  While international clients continue to travel to me to receive Clinical Somatic Education sessions. My international and business commuter clients can easily get to my offices within twenty minutes from Baltimore Washington International or forty minutes from Reagan and Dulles International airports.

I am currently offering Individual Clinical sessions in the both Annapolis, MD and Washington, DC.  I am also teaching clients somatic movements at a distance through Webcam: online classes to fit your schedule and time zone. I will travel to teach Workshops domestically and internationally that include continuing education credits for many professions. Since both my offices are located just twenty minutes from international airports another option if you are at a distance and want the first hand experience of working with me is to come visit me for a Somatic Education Vacation ™,. Finally I am in the process of creating and producing many quality educational products to support you in your daily Somatic Practice. I also make sure that being deaf or speaking a language other than English wont stand in your way! In order to offer my services to the largest possible audience I have partnered with a local language interpreting service that you can hire for each of your one on one sessions, Online classes, or Somatic Education Vacation sessions

In my off hours I love to spend time with my family and friends, travel, hike in the woods, swim in the ocean, and do my daily Somatic exploration movements.


About Somatic Health Solutions®, (SHS):

Somatic Health Solutions® was founded by Ryan Moschell in 2012. Get Out Of Shape® was created by Ryan in 2014. Ryan has a passion to offer a quality education, and his own innovative methods of teaching Somatics to offer you many paths learn this lifelong skill.


Our Mission:

Get Out Of Shape is committed to the highest standard of current knowledge, ethics, and education within the field of Hanna Somatic Education® in order to offer you the best quality educators, environment, and teaching methods for your needs and goals. This strong foundation offers those who are seeking relief from common physical complaints that can be caused by Sensory-Motor Amnesia the lifelong skills of Somatic Education.


How it works:

Ryan Moschell, your Certified Hanna Somatic Educator, will teach you Hanna Somatic Education® principles and work with you in one-on-one clinical somatic education sessions, teach you in a group class/workshop, teach you somatic movements online worldwide, and invite you to his office on a Somatic Education Vacation™. This specialized conscious way of moving can connect directly with your brain and will become a self-initiated and self-regulated form of neuromuscular re-education.  You will learn to address the effects of stress, trauma, pain, and sameness that can come from Sensory-Motor Amnesia, SMA (AKA - chronic muscular contractions).


  “SMA is a somatic “habituated state of forgetfulness of how certain muscles feel and how to effectively coordinate them; it cannot be ‘cured’ by treatment, medicine, or surgery but it can be controlled consciously after a relearning process.”  Novato Inst., 2006


SMA can lead to the common physical complaints that we usually mistake for the natural aging process. You can learn to alleviate, prevent, and even reverse the effects of SMA with this adaptability skill that you can access anywhere, anytime for the rest of your life.



Contact info:

Phone:                       USA - (410) 703-6956

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Main Office:               645 Rigely Ave.,

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Satellite Offices:       - Washington, DC

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“Everything started changing when I met Ryan at a wellness fair in the spring of 2015. I really liked what he had to say about Somatics. I liked that he was going to be able to teach me movements and techniques that I could use on my own to heal myself. I liked that I did not have to go out and buy special equipment; a spot on the floor was all I would need. I had five wonderful sessions with Ryan. He took his time and explained everything to me so that I understood each movement. In one session, he taught me additional movements for my right knee and almost immediately, the pain was gone!”  Kelly R. - Chef


“My hip has become more stable.  My gait is more balanced and my posture has improved.  I sleep better, and it’s easier to turn over in bed.  The stiffness in my neck and shoulder has decreased.  …the lower back pain I used to get when doing kettlebell swings is gone.  Because my hips are looser I can squat deeper and easier. “   Chuck W. – IT


“Because of Ryan & Somatics, I have gone from feeling completely hopeless to a place where I am truly happy and look forward to the future rather than dreading it. Because of Ryan & Somatics, I am enjoying life again.”  Alli W. - Entrepreneur


“Thank you Ryan Moschell Truly amazing, after one session my chronic (30 years) of back pain was almost reduced to nothing. Everything has been easier, walking, standing, sitting, better balance, easier breathing. I felt great on my horse. Can not wait how much better this can be with a few more lessons! I recommend this to anyone with pain or tension or the desire for more body awareness !” Felicitas C. - Equestrian


“As a result of my sessions with Ryan I now know how to move Somatically every day. I also found myself more emotionally relaxed and easy going since I wasn’t in pain or in fear of the pain returning at any arbitrary moment.  My husband once insisted that I was upset about something that I honestly wasn’t, because in the past the incident would have upset me.  I had to tell him several times that I was really not upset.  Somatics has given me back my life.  Claire M. - Retired


“it's clear that Ryan Moschell thought about what it is we do and wants to apply his field to ours. I had the pleasure of hearing Ryan speak about Somatic Education and its physical benefits recently and I'm sold! His presentation style is accessible, interesting, and informative and what he has to share is something everyone in my field can benefit from to live free from pain (or to understand why our pain occurs and to start to break unhealthy patterns in our bodies). I look forward to continuing to learn from him.” Sarah B. Sign Language Interpreter


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