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There are three techniques that are the foundation of massage therapy training. They are Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, and Myofacial massage. 

Swedish Massage - when used alone is very flowing and gentle and requires a lot of oil or cream to create a soothing and relaxing experience.

Deep Tissue Massage - as the name implies this technique requires a lot of pressure, its very specific and slow to get deep into your tight muscles.

Myofacial Massage - is very different from the first two techniques in that it is very slow and no oil is applied to in order to access the facia that surrounds and connects most structures in your body.

Ryan's Massage Technique - Over the years, Ryan has practiced all three of these techniques along with many other disciplines that he has been trained in and discovered his own very powerful style of massage therapy. Ryan's technique focuses on being intuitive and fully present so that he can be aware of his clients verbal and non-verbal feedback throughout the session. He has found that having a long list of techniques does not facilitate mastery. You will experience first hand his expert focus on quality and service as well as why so many people recommend him.


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