This section will help you to prepare for your upcoming online session and give you the contact information you will need to make your online class go as smoothly as possible.



- I will need to have your online payment or a deposited and cleared check at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. 
- If I do not receive your online payment or have your check deposited and cleared before the 48 hour window your appointment will be canceled.

Online Payment:

– I offer online pre-payment on my Services And Ways To Pay page
– Payment must clear before your scheduled class.
– You may use a major credit card or your PayPal account

MAIL A Check:

– Your check must arrive and clear the bank before your session.
– Make the check payable to:

 Get Out Of Shape LLC.

– Mail to:

645 Ridgely Ave,
Annapolis, MD,
21401, USA


- You will need to click on the "Intake Forms" button below, print, complete, sign, and mail/e-mail me the form to me at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. 
- If I do not receive your signed forms before the 48 hour window that time your appointment will be canceled.

Tech Check:

– It is your responsibility to text and check your equipment and connection before your scheduled session.
– If needed, you can schedule a system check with me a few days before your session via e-mail. This will not be a session and once connection is established we will terminate the system check.
– If your first choice of connecting online is not working at the time of appointment we can transition to phone.
* Make sure your equipment is working ahead of time to avoid being charged for a missed session!*


– Clear enough space on the floor to do a snow angel.
– Remove any obstacles that are in your way.
– A carpeted or hard floor with a matt or blanket.
– Be in a room where you can be alone.


– Make sure there is enough light in the room and on you so that I can see you on camera. If you can’t see yourself on the screen, I can’t see you either.
– Bring an extra light source into the room in case you need to adjust the light in the first few minutes of your session.


– Make sure you can turn your device up loud enough so that you can hear me clearly.
– I will let you know if I can’t hear you and we will adjust as needed.


Have everything up, running, and online a 10 minutes before your scheduled time.


– It is best if your whole body is in clear view of the computers camera.


You will need to either:

– Be on speakerphone with a good cell signal/land line
– Use headphones – not optimal but can work if need be.

Being Present:

– Turn OFF your cell phone and home phone ringer.
– Plan to not answer phone calls during your session.
– Please put your pets away if you feel that they will disturb you
– Let your family and friends know that you will be busy during your session time.

Medical Disclaimer:

Make sure that if you need to be cleared by your professional healthcare provider to participate in gentle exercise/movement, that you do this before your appointments.

Recording policy:

Audio and video recording of any kind is strictly prohibited without written consent from Ryan Moschell and Somatic Health Solutions LLC

What to wear:

– Comfortable, loose clothing that will allow you to move freely.
– Bring socks and extra layers so you can adjust your body temperature.

What to expect:

– You will be fully clothed
– You will be either be laying down or seated comfortably
– You will learn somatic movements that you can do daily or on the spot.
– Your session will be tailor fit to your needs and improvement goals

Ways to connect online:


– Connect: RyanMoschell
– Download: Get Skype


– Computer/Tablet: Ryan Moschell
– Phone: (410) 703-6956
– DownloadGet Facetime

Phone:  (Consultations and quick reviews only!)

– Make sure you have a good cell signal or land line
– Speakerphone is preferable
– Headphones can work but are not optimal
– Call me at your scheduled time
– Call:  (410) 703-6956   –  International Dialing Codes

After your class:

– When it’s possible, plan to take a walk and/or have some quiet time to integrate what you learned.
– Do your daily Somatic Maintenance Movements.
– Make appointments with Ryan Moschell to continue your Somatic Education.


If you need additional information about your upcoming online class(es) please contact me.

I look forward to meeting and working with you very soon!