Thank you for purchasing your ticket(s) today for an upcoming Get Out Of Shape® workshops, where you will learn how to “retrain your brain to move out of tension and pain®”. Together, we will address “Sensory-Motor Amnesia”, or SMA, with remarkable Somatic Education methods that are safe, natural, and highly effective. My workshops focus on alleviating your stress, trauma, and pain while at the same time helping you to meet your desired life improvement goals.

Through this experiential group education process you will learn ways to alleviate and reverse SMA, which can be the cause of many of the common physical complaints associated with aging. You will gain a skill that you can continue to use to maintain and continually improve your somatic health for the rest of your life.

You will find important information below to help you prepare for your upcoming workshop. After reading this information if you still have questions please contact me.

I am looking forward to working with you in-person so that you can begin this incredible self-care journey!

Sincerely and Somatically,


Ryan Moschell HSE, LMT


Prepare for your workshop

The details below will help you to know more about what to expect and how to prepare for your Get Out Of Shape® Workshop.


- I will need to have your online payment or a deposited and cleared check at least 48 hours before your workshop. 
- If I do not receive your online payment or have your check deposited and cleared before the 48 hour window your workshop you will not be able to attend.


– I offer online pre-payment on my Public Events page. Just locate your event and click for more information.
– Payment must cleared before your scheduled workshop.
– You may use a major credit card.


– Your check must arrive and clear the bank before your session.
– Make the check payable to:

 Get Out Of Shape LLC.

– Mail to:

21401, USA

What to bring:

– Food – Pack a lunch and snacks or look online restaurants near the venue.
* Lunch *– During some workshops I will be making reservations at a local restaurant. For those who want to join me and other workshop participants please let me know by contacting me so we can get a head count.
– Drink – Non-breakable bottle with a top for your water/drink
– Supplies – Please bring:
– A Pillow
– Mat, blanket, or sheet
– Some paper and pen
* Electronic devices are not allowed to be on during the workshop. They can be used during breaks!


- You will need to sign a workshop waiver before you will be able to attend and participate in a Get Out Of Shape workshops.
- You can either sign a waiver when you arrive or you can print a waiver, fill it out, and sign it to bring it with you.

What to wear:

– Comfortable, loose clothing that will allow you to move freely
– Bring socks and extra layers so you can adjust your body temperature
– Refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or scents

Directions & Parking:

– Click below to find parking and directions for your upcoming event on my Public Events page.

Medical Disclaimer:

– Make sure that you are cleared by your professional healthcare provider to participate in gentle exercise/movement before you attend a “Get Out Of Shape ®” workshop.

Durring Your Workshop


– Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes early. We will start on time!
If you arrive late, please enter quietly and respectfully, so as to not disturb others.

Cell phones:

– Turn your cell phone off! Not on silent. Not on vibrate, OFF!
- If a cell phone rings the class will stop until the phone has been turned off.
– Do not use your cell phone in the designated workshop space.
– If you need to make a call, text, e-mail, or connect to the internet please do so at the breaks. In an emergency quietly leave the space in order to use your phone/electronic device.
* Cell phones do not have a place in a Somatic workshop. Each time your cell phone rings it effects everyone who hears it. Respect the space we create together by signing off and being present.

Recording Policy:

- Audio recording or video recording of any kind is strictly prohibited in any form without written and signed consent from Ryan Moschell and Get Out Of Shape LLC.

During the workshop:

– You will be lying down or seated comfortably
– Ryan Moschell will be your Somatic Educator
You will learn:
• The Principles, science, and philosophy of Somatics
• How to gain more sensory awareness with your ‘Soma’
• Somatic maintenance movements that you will commit to doing regularly.

After Your Workshop

– When it is possible, plan to take a walk or have some quiet time after your workshop
– Integrate what you have learned by doing your Somatic maintenance movements daily.
Make appointment(s) with Ryan Moschell to learn how to Get Out Of Shape.


– If you need additional information about your upcoming workshop please contact me.

I look forward to meeting and working with you soon!