Don’t let speaking another language other than English or being deaf stand in the way of you getting the Somatic Education that you need. Below are some links to local language interpreting services that you would need to contact and schedule yourself to coincide with your one on one Clinical Sessions or Webcam classes. Your Somatic session or class may need to be a bit longer than usual due to the stop and go format of some interpretation services.

Spoken Language Services:

• Language Innovations
202 349-4180 | 888 349-4180

Deaf language services:

• Mindy Lanie CI, CT
(425) 220-9071
• Independent Interpreters

When Scheduling Language Interpreting Services:

*Please let the interpreter know if the session in person, online, or on the phone…
• In-Person Sessions – Please ask for consecutive in person interpretation services
• Online classes – Please ask for Skype/Facetime consecutive interpretation services
• Phone session – Please ask for OPI services – charged by the minute.

Let me know about your scheduled interpreter:

- Please let me know if you have scheduled an interpreter so that we can plan accordingly.

Information To Share With Hired Interpreters:

*Interpreters please click on one of the links below to get your location or online connection information.