In Person: 

private sessions FOR CLIENTS WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE of Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Your sessions are performed "hands-on", and wearing comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. You will be lying on a therapy style table. Your Clinical Somatic Educator, Ryan, assesses which of your muscles are feeling stiff, tense, and holding  you into limiting body shapes. Each session is lead by your practitioner and client regulated as it is composed of safe, gentle movements.

Ryan will invite you to move certain body parts, like an arm, shoulder, or leg in a very specialized way. Your movements are very slow and gentle, rather like the slow movements when you awaken in the morning. He will then help you to train your nervous system with his hands on techniques. This is the beginning of starting your muscles moving correctly again.

Under his instruction and you gently moving, your muscles will ease from their tension and stiffness, starting to work as they should work - freely and without pain. This will help you to Get Out Of Shape.

This process is cumulative and yet you can notice your pain, stiffness, and tension beginning to release after your first session, with more freedom and control coming back into your muscles and body as you continue to do your maintenance movements between sessions.

Once you have completed your first session Ryan will work with you until you feel ready to maintain your progress on your own. Attending 5 sessions in the beginning is suggested and can be very important to your foundational Somatic learning process. Over time you can return for Stay Out Of Shape™ follow up sessions as needed or when you get stuck.

After your session you will be doing gentle, easy maintenance movements, to continue what was learned and gained during your session. The cumulative effects of these regular movements is what is both empowering and unique about this experiential Somatic process. If you do your movements regularly you can keep your muscles moving freely and staying pain-free for the rest of your life.

PRICing and Appointments:

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