Trying to think your way there

So many people contact me daily seeking relief from their suffering. Many of them work so hard trying to think their way to a solution. They read all the books, articles, and online videos they can get their hands on. Each of these things is offering them a paper invitation to a feast. The problem is the invitation isn't very filling and doesn't taste anything like food. 

What I teach is experiential. Whether you think you understand it or not you can never fully know what an experience is until YOU have experienced it. There is nothing wrong with reading and researching but most people only begin to understand Somatic Education after they feel it with a skilled practitioner. Then they can continue to deepen what they learned in session by repeating it with their own body on a regular basis. Over time they will know rather than just trying to understand.

Get moving and trade that paper invitation in for your own fulfilling feast of freedom, improvement, and wellbeing.