You don't know utill you expereince

Most healthy adults feel that they are relatively in control of their bodily movements. They function and get from point A to point B just fine, or well enough. But what happens when you ask an adult to move a part of their body and they don't know how? There is some gap between the trying and the doing. At first it can be very frustrating yet this is exactly where the Somatic treasure is buried.

Your progress in Somatics comes from continually challenging yourself to wake up those places in your body that over time have temporarily passed just outside of your awareness. When they are out of your view they can start to wreak havoc and cause many physical limitations and pain. Having a practitioner there will help you become aware of the places you have yet to discover. After these overworked muscles are awake you can get them moving again to regain control and coordination of these forgetful habitual patterns. Once you finally arrive, have an first person experience of this process, and learn how to return on your own you will know how to Get Out Of Shape® for the rest of your life!