“Its a flippin' miracle."

“Its a flippin' miracle. I have had no hip pain all last night and all today and I haven’t babied it at all. WOW! When I graduated college in 1963 I had a degree in psychology and a temporary job in DC. With that job I got caught up in the world of Behaviorist and Skinner boxes and stimulus/response paradigms. It all sounded good and I was able to get on some publications because of the research, but there was always the question of what was really happening between the stimulus and response. In those days measurement of brain activities and such were very crude so it sort of became “Miracle Happens here” kind of thing. Then I got introduced to Hans Selye and his research on the effect of the endocrine system and the bodies responses. Way Cool! Still a lot of questions about how that stuff became electrical. Now fast forward to 2012 ( Almost fifty years later) and POW here’s the answer. Sensory Motor Amnesia. What an elegant concept and since I have reaped some of the benefits it’s even more exciting than a mere academic correlation. Thank you!”  Pete