"Feeling great is a great feeling.”

“’This gave me power, control and victory over my back pain.  For 15 years, I had tried and failed to conquer the severe pain and spasms in my lower back, despite diligent efforts with great doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and so on.  In 2009, I researched for a different way to do something about the back muscles that had spasmed so strongly and for so long that they were like petrified wood. After discovering Hanna Somatics I made practicing its methods my number one priority and found my life transformed.  The petrified muscles became pliable and relaxed in a matter of days.  I had forgotten what it feels like to feel great.  Wow!  After years of missing out on any number of activities that I simply could not physically do, I now feel I have no limitations.  Hanna Somatics allows me to prepare my muscles to start an activity in good form and to recover from strenuous activities fully and completely.  Feeling great is a great feeling.” Jennifer