"Ability to locate and eliminate the pain myself"

“Over the past four years, I have been experiencing chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and deltoids, stemming from my career as a professional musician, and over-use without enough down-time.  I had been applying a variety of modalities for relief, ranging from deep tissue massage and physical therapy, to yoga, all of which have helped tremendously, but none of which were a permanent “fix.”  Enter Ryan Moschell, who introduced me to Somatics after I had been in a roll-over automobile accident.  After working on my own for a couple of days using Thomas Hanna’s book, “Somatics,” I went from chronic pain, so suddenly realizing I wasn’t in pain, and after a long weekend of performances, I FELT like going kayaking!  To understand the gravity of this, you need a bit of the back story.  I had come to the place in my career where not only was I in chronic pain, but I was beginning to wonder how many more years I could continue performing, which was oftentimes too heartbreaking to consider, but my overall quality of life was suffering.  Not just from the pain, but from feeling constantly exhausted, and the emotional depression of not feeling like doing anything, and feeling like I didn’t want to play.  So coming home from a gig, after a long week of performing, and FEELING like going kayaking is a MAJOR change!  I have seen Ryan now for three Somatics sessions, and I can honestly say it has, and will continue, to change my life.  Having gone from attempting chronic pain management, and the realization that this chronic state and the “management” of it was what I had to look forward to for the rest of my life, as well as the possibility of having to quit my passion for my physical well being, to now having gained CONTROL of my body, the ability to locate and eliminate the pain MYSELF, as well as my brightened mood and hope for a pain-free future…well, I feel like I have my life back!  Ryan and Somatics has been a God-send, and I look forward to more sessions with him that will cater to my specific goals and needs.  If you’re in pain, and especially if you’ve been living with chronic pain, the best decision you can make for yourself is to make an appointment with Ryan and have him teach you how to correct it. It will put another major tool for self-healing in your personal control that is not dependent upon anyone else but yourself.”  Amy