"After only five sessions I am cane free! "

“I retired 4 years ago ready to enjoy life only to have debilitating news that I had inoperable spinal stenosis and curvature of the spinal column from living an active life full of accidents. Added onto that I had hip deterioration, ligament and tendon damage from a previous horse accident.  I tried injections for pain, four years of physical therapy, pain medication, and finally burning the nerves to reduce pain. I was given special shoes and a cane. I walked better with the cane. But who wants to look old and fragile. When I met Ryan Moschell I was walking with a cane and wobbling when I walked. After only five sessions I am cane free! I no longer crawl up the steps and my wobbling is almost gone. I dance four times a week, swim, do yoga, barn work and show my horses. We even ended up this years show season champions at Maryland Saddle Association, Delaware Appoloosa shows and several other show series on the shore. Ryan Moschell and Somatics was the answer for me!” Mary Anne