"Five months later it’s still gone!"

“Learning Somatic Education movements from Ryan Moschell has been a key part of my road back to wellness.

In May of 2013 I came to Ryan at the two year anniversary mark of a severe back injury. For over two months after the injury I was barely able to move, work, or even pick up my one year old daughter. Through various forms of therapy over the next several months I regained movement, reduced pain and thankfully avoided surgery. However, I never felt quite the same and was unable to completely release my lower back and sacrum from the intense pain it went through. My body was sill holding on to the trauma and compensating in ways that I didn’t realize. I was avoiding the things that I was once very passionate about such as my power vinyasa yoga class and was instead living in limbo, and frankly in fear of pain unsurpassed before. A mutual connection lead me to Ryan and his work and I was instantly intrigued by the concept of being empowered to make the changes within my own body at the muscularand cellular level through these unique movements and intention. The light bulb went on as I understood I needed to release the tension patterns in my body in order to move forward and achieve balance. Remember the compensating that I mentioned? Specifically a deep pain in my right hip had manifested from the back injury that could not be alleviated by any of the therapy forms I had tried for a year. Even Yoga aggravated it. After just a few sessions with Ryan the pain that was hanging on daily was gone, andfive months later it’s still gone!

Ryan has an incredible healing and calm presence and guided me through five sessions in his Annapolis office during which I felt immediate relief and rebalanced. Part of his work is to educate you to how to do these movements well enough to do them at home. From there I was be able to do theses exercises daily to rebalance from life’s demands especially being a Mom in my 40’s to a very energetic toddler.

The best news is I have come back into a strong daily yoga practice and just completed a 30 day challenge of power vinyasa classes. I often do my Somatic movements just before class to help release and align before I begin on my mat. There is still a path ahead to regain all the strength, balance, and wellness that I envision, but having the knowledge and skill to perform these exercises daily has been a vital to my health as I continue to move forward. I feel powerful and empowered. My deepest thanks and gratitude to Ryan Moschell for his passion to help and heal others.!”  Pam