"Gently opening me to greater ease and range of movement."

“I started working with Ryan about a month ago because my right thigh seemed to have gone into semi-permanent spasm. Having received help from practitioners in a variety of disciplines and having greatly benefited from my practice as a trainee in the Feldenkrais professional training program, I was aware that each therapeutic approach has a contribution to make, and each formulates “what to do” from the perspective of a different model. What I find so helpful about Hanna Somatics is that it distills many insights regarding the need to address whole body patterns and reeducate the brain in order to renew the full range of movement options. It also teaches easy to do, pleasant daily exercises that leave me feeling more aware of how I move while also gently opening me to greater ease and range of movement. Sometimes it feels like magic! I have had very good success with this method, and, although I am not “cured” after four sessions, feel hugely better and am able to, for instance, walk down stairs–my biggest challenge–with much greater comfort. Although I started out thinking that having to do exercises at home would feel like a chore, it has actually become something I look forward to, a way of coming home to myself when I start feeling “off” or notice tension or pain beginning to arise. While learning the Hanna Somatics Method has been helpful, it needs saying that I have found it especially beneficial to work with Ryan one to one. His considerable skill is matched by a presence that is both affirming and centered, making it easy, safe, and enjoyable to learn the work with his guidance. Highly recommend.”  Ingrid