"I realized that I felt NO PAIN and had been feeling well since the last session."

“I learned a little about Somatics several years ago at a yoga workshop, and had forgotten about the practice until I recently picked up a book on the subject.  Wanting to learn how to do the exercises correctly, I was excited to learn that Ryan Moschell was trained in Somatic Education…..and he is right here in Annapolis!

With some damage and arthritis from a past physical trauma (car accident), I have learned Yoga techniques to help me manage the aches and pains and imbalances in my body which help immensely………. but remembered the Somatic exercises from that workshop and how good it felt to do them….thinking that would be a nice addition to my yoga practice.

To make a long story short, I scheduled some time with Ryan to learn this mind/body technique(s)…..

During the first session I mentioned a place on the back of my neck that I was sure was post surgery pain and had been diagnosed as inflammation/scar tissue. Ryan acknowledged the diagnosis but reminded me to leave open the possibility that what I was feeling could stem from Sensory Motor Amnesia. At the end of the session I had no pain in that spot for the first time in years. When I came to the next session a few weeks later Ryan asked me how my neck had been feeling. I had to think and check in for a minute and then I realized that I felt NO PAIN and had been feeling well since the last session. A neck pain that had bothered me for years and I had resigned myself to the fact that it may never go away…was now gone!” As a matter of fact, I felt great!  I noticed easier movement in my body.  I felt light, balanced, and energized as I moved through the activites of my day.  Walking, bending, lifting felt quite effortless.

I plan on learning more.  I realize that I am not getting any younger, and believe that with a combination of mindful yoga techniques and somatics practiced regularly, I will continue to feel good.  Aging is inevitable, but feeling lousy with poor quality of life is not!  I choose to feel good and stay active as long as I’m alive.  Thank you Ryan, for helping me feel that I can!”  Sharon