" From a range of motion of 15 degrees with pain to 60 degrees with no pain!"

“I have been seeing Ryan for years as a massage therapist, but it wasn’t till I had to turn my whole upper body to see him as he approached that I knew it was time to start Somatics.  I was afraid my choices were limited to surgery (usually ineffective) or being stiff and in pain for the rest of my life.

Ryan had been telling me there was a way I could alleviate the pain/tension and regain flexibility myself on my own I agreed to start one-on-one Somatics sessions. In just one session I noticed a major difference in my ability to turn my neck further without pain.  The movements I learned and practiced helped me to continue the process of releasing my neck from its stiff and painful state.  After about eight weeks, I went from a movement range of 15 degrees with excruciating pain to 60 degrees with no pain!!

After additional sessions I began to understand how I doing my Somatic movements daily helped me adapt to the normal stress of daily living.  With Somatics I no longer have to wait until I cannot function to get help.  I no longer have to wait until I can’t stand the pain anymore, then break down and go to a doctor.

Now I can recognize and access most of my muscular tension and pain on my own.  If I cannot remedy it immediately, I see Ryan to extend and deepen my understanding.

I exercise five to six days a week.  I still treat myself to regular massages, but when it comes to the day-to-day pressures of life, I can manage tension and pain on my own with Somatics.

Ryan Moschell has changed my life.  I cannot recommend Ryan highly enough for what he has to offer to those suffering from pain, chronic pain, tension, and stress.”