"This stuff really works."

“ I am a chef and a bartender, and Annapolis has it share of tourists, but never so much as Sailboat Saturday.  I was called in 7 hours early to help so I spent almost 17 hours walking, bending, standing, running, arguing, settling, pouring, dicing, counting, writing, dealing stressful customers, and by the end of that I was in a type of agony that I’ve never felt before.  One of the band members took pity and decided to rub my neck and shoulders.  After that I was too tired and I had to go home. I took 2 pills and went to bed.

Next day.  I’m not kidding that when I awoke my first word was of the “F” variety and frequent.  Before I got out of bed I concentrated on the painful muscles, moved the way Ryan had taught me, breathed, release slowly, creak…creak… creak… and then with each successive movement the world started to become milder, and milder, and milder and then no pain.  I’m not the best writer or speaker, but this stuff really works and with regular practice it stays with you!”  Nikki