"Able to stop a headache"

“I first came to see Ryan because of soreness in my left shoulder and neck, the result of numerous neurosurgeries over the past 15 years. I have a long commute and my job requires significant time in front of a computer both which cause tightening of my neck and shoulder muscles, tension at the original surgical site, and ultimately, severe, non-migraine headaches and visual disturbances. This can occur up to several times a day, and results in significant loss of efficiency and decrease in quality of life. My husband, who sees Ryan for massage therapy, mentioned that Ryan was offering Somatic Education and that he thought it might provide some relief for my situation. i attended a few sessions and found that there was an immediate change in my posture and that I could decrease the severity of a headache if I used the Somatics techniques. Ryan taught me a few movements that can be done while sitting at my desk, so in some situations I am able to stop a headache from developing by using the techniques. After working with Ryan I am often able to alleviate and manage the muscle tension before it reaches the headache stage, or alleviate the symptoms is they arise. I am happy to recommend Ryan Moschell and his Somatic Education program."  Nancy