"Old issues are being alleviated in such a short time."

“My Somatics sessions with Ryan have been nothing short of magic! I came to Ryan with tightness and pain in my left upper arm/shoulder, mid back, and a tight IT band. I really wanted to enjoy my retirement, yet these issues where beginning to affect and limit all areas of my life…After attending my one-on-one session both my shoulder and back are better and when they do act up are more manageable now with my understanding of Somatics. Ryan was able to help me completely release the tension in my IT band with out pain and in minutes. The process of releasing my IT band in the past has been very uncomfortable and can take a lot of time to make minimal progress. We also worked on my hunched forward posture and not only did I feel better but I slept better than I had in years. It’s amazing how with Somatic these old issues are being alleviated in such a short time. Now in my daily activities I am aware that my overall quality of life has improved and that I can regularly play golf and swim pain free! I highly recommend Ryan Moschell and what he as to offer!”  Chuck