"Healing takes two..."

"I have had severe neck pain, spasms, and tension for THIRTY years.  This issue began at age 32 when my husband was diagnosed with "terminal" brain cancer, and worsened as I took care of him for several years until his death.  Eventually, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia; one rheumatologist curtly told me that the pain was "just in my head."  Over the years, I tried massage, chiropractic, energy work, yoga, physical therapy, acupuncture, and more.  One massage therapist gave up on me, saying she could not massage out the knots in my neck and upper back.  Several years ago, I was rear-ended in a freak auto accident at a stoplight, causing a concussion and increased neck pain.  I honestly believed that I would suffer 24/7 for the rest of my life, have to live on disability, and be unable to practice my profession of social work and my hobby of singing.  A year ago,  my son gave me a book for my birthday by Thomas Hanna called Somatics. He explained that a daily practice of these movements had completely eradicated his lower back problems.  Because my neck problems were so chronic and severe, I decided to locate a Somatics practitioner for one-on-one sessions, and happily I found Ryan.

In my first session, Ryan gently guided me in the first movement, and I felt immediate relief. I experienced emotional release as well as physical.  Literally, I felt the weight of the world was off my shoulders. All this in one session!  

Healing takes two, and I feel very blessed that Ryan is such a seasoned, gifted, and compassionate healer.  Frankly, since that first session I go about in a state of shock, because I am used to living with high levels of pain.  At age 62, I feel very young, and am no longer "imprisoned" in my body from pain and stiffness.  

Ryan, bless you; words cannot express my gratitude.  Even my singing voice is clearer.  Mentally, I do not understand these miracles, but spiritually I embrace them."   Maralyn F.