"I am pain free and riding to my full potential."

"I have been a competitive equestrian for many years and, after suffering an acute psoas/groin injury I was referred to Ryan Moschell and Get Out Of Shape by a fellow equestrian who had had excellent results. I had ridden with the pain for a number of months, but when it became so severe that I could not ride, I knew I needed treatment.  After just one session with Ryan my pain was significantly reduced, and I was able to ride lightly. I made sure I did my daily exercises, and after another four weeks I was pain free and riding to my full potential.  The therapy has made me far more aware of my body and how I use it, in and out of the saddle.  Not only am I now pain free, but my seat and effectiveness as a rider have improved! I would whole heartedly recommend Ryan Moschell to anyone who is in chronic pain and looking for a long term healthier life." Mimi M.