"I am living a much fuller and more active life than I have in years."

"Ryan Moschell (Somatic Health Solutions) gave me back a level of mobility I thought I had lost forever. I have suffered from lower back pain, especially my hips not staying in alignment for 35 years. This did not keep me from being very active and in some cases abusing my body. The complications occurred in my early 50’s when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and then in 2010 I herniated two disc’s in my lower back. It was called the “perfect storm” by some of my medical professionals. Ironic considering my love of boating and boat restoration.

By 2014 each day started in great pain and limited mobility. I tried physical therapy and massage therapy with some increased mobility but each day started at the same levels of tightness and pain. My massage therapist suggested I contact Ryan Moschell because what she knew of Somatic’s and “sensory-muscle amnesia” (SMA). SMA sounded like what I was dealing with and the process looked like it could be a good alternative for me. The very first session with Ryan started with him showing me how my body was constricted and pulling on the right side and other places. I got some relief after the first session and continued the movements at home. After about four sessions and Ryan’s gentle instruction, I have gained almost full mobility again with only slight muscle pain on one side. My last visit to the chiropractor resulted in not needing any lower back or hip adjustments. The chiropractor said he had not seen my spine alignment and flexibility like that in 30 years.

Today I start each morning with Somatic movements and I am living a much fuller and more active life than I have in years. Ryan’s expert instruction and knowledge have allowed me to enjoy more days on the water or restoring my classic boat. Somatic movement taught my muscles how to relax again instead of being in a constant constricted state. Thank you Ryan!"

Dan R.