"All of the pain that I had before the session was gone ."

“I’ve been seeing Ryan now for 10 years as a massage therapist. When I started seeing him I was struggling with diabetes, on multiple medications, over weight and in pain almost every day from fibromyalgia. Over the years I have lost weight, I’m running half – marathons, gotten off most of my medications, and most of my pain is now manageable. My life is very busy managing a real estate office, caring for my husband, being a devoted mother and soon to be grandmother, and training for more half – marathons.  So day-to-day stress still builds up. Recently I was having painful symptoms of what had been diagnosed as fibromyalgia. The symptoms consisted of pain in my arm, shoulders and chest, to where it was even hard to lift my left arm very high. I decided to make an appointment with Ryan. I knew a bit about Somatics from what he had told me, so I decided to do a Somatic Education session. At the end of the session I definitely noticed a difference. I went home and the next day felt like the muscles had been worked out. But I noticed almost all of the pain that I had before the session was gone and I could lift my arm with ease. A few days later I went to a movie marathon and was sitting for 12 hours. Granted the movie theater had reclining chairs but in between films I lay back in the chair and did the somatic movements that Ryan taught me. Each time I noticed how much better I felt but the real testament was that when I left that evening I had no stiffness or pain. I told Ryan that he is a miracle worker and I now know the power of learning Somatics.

Additionally, I just completed a cross country trip with my daughter.  We drove from Florida to Texas on the first day – 14 hours; Texas to New Mexico – 14 hours; New Mexico to California – 15 hours; then California to Everett, Washington – 18 ½ hours.  We took a 1 day break in Texas and California but driving over 4000 miles over the span of 4 days, especially that last day in a BMW sedan can make a person extremely sore and stiff.  Each evening I used the somatic movements to be able to go to sleep and on the one day layovers did them several times a day.   I not only survived the trip but was able to help my daughter get all of her boxes unpacked and set up in her new home in the 2 days after we got to Washington.  I had a full day of airline travel that next day but was up and at ‘em at my first appointment at 7:30 am for a full day of work.  I credit Somatics with being able to do that.”  Trish