"I’m noticing that my balance seems better and I can mount my horse more fluidly."

“Since I started seeing Ryan Moschell for clinical one-on-one Somatic sessions I have noticed a number of changes that I find to be very positive. I can comfortably pick up my shoes from the floor first thing in the morning. Previously I had been too stiff for at least an hour to do this. I also have no more “rice krispies” when I turn my head. My foot, (when I check in at random times), seems to be more often in “neutral”.  I had very slight neuropathy on my right cheek and right fingers…this is most often absent…When my right neck feels tight I can now “access” that area, do my somatics on the spot, and it is gone! I had nothing wildly dramatic to fix so it could have been relatively easy to ignore changes that are (in fact) significant as far as my overall well being goes.

When it comes to my passion of riding horses, before I started Somatic sessions my mounting technique had become stilted. Now I’m noticing that my balance seems better and I can mount my horse more fluidly.  I have become much more aware of different muscle groups and more successful in accessing them. Initially my SMA was just awful. I am able to consciously activate my lats, my upper traps, etc. much better than before.You have to pay attention! I really like taking the time and concentrating in a directed way. To me this is a form of meditation.

I am very, very pleased with the results so far and I am looking forward to continual improvement as I continue my daily somatic practice.”  Roz