"I feel like a new person."

“Ryan has done it again!

As previously when I injured a muscle, I called on Ryan, planning for a healing massage and decided to get the Somatic treatment instead and definitely made the right choice, again! I felt moved to share my experience because Ryan’s Somatic Health treatments are so effective that I think everyone should benefit.

About a week ago, during one of my husband’s marathon, in Toronto, I rode about 23 + miles on my road bike over the course of about 5 hours, which means that I did a lot of track-standing and not much riding. Immediately after the race ended and a well deserved shower, we started for a 12 hour drive home, in my manual car. Needless to say, my back turned to marmalade over the course of the following week, while I ignored the developing pinch in the left side of my lower back.

So a week later, last Saturday, I paid a visit to Ryan in Annapolis. He listened attentively to my issue and asked a few questions. Within minutes, Ryan had figured out what the problem was and knew how to fix it. After a few movements, I immediately started to feel some relief. I left the studio with some instructions which I have followed, and I can honestly say that after only 2 days of following these instructions and taking the 10 minutes-twice-a-day needed to continue improving, I feel like a new person.

This is not the first time that Ryan fixes a problem in my back. Last year, I had a constant pinch in my shoulders, over months. Ryan took 10 minutes to fix that problem. What I like about Somatic Health is that it doesn’t just alleviate the pain temporarily like a massage does, it teaches me to fix my own problems. This is what I recommend Ryan’s Somatic Health Solution to anyone who has a chronic or temporary pain.  Everyone should benefit from it.”  Anne