"I’ve radically changed the way I inhabit my body."

“I’ve had back and neck pain most of my life. I’ve tried everything from chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and physical training. When my massage therapist was no longer able to see me as a client, I began seeing Ryan for massage. I learned from reading and some of his explanations about Hanna Somatic Education and was intrigued. After five Somatic education sessions, I’ve radically changed the way I inhabit my body, I can feel again where I’ve had sensory-motor amnesia, and I’m able to notice pain as it arises before it gets really bad, and make corrections. I’ve been told I have scoliosis but it turns out it’s very minor and a lot of my curvature is muscle-based. My body still has a lot of ingrained patterns that I’ll probably be working on throughout my life, and I plan to continue seeing Ryan for HSE for “tuneups.” But now I have the skills to release tension and pain, and that’s a huge improvement over the last 30 years!”  Christina