"The long days I work as a flight attendant have gotten easier ."

I am an active 64 year old woman who still works as a full time flight attendant and for relaxation I ride horses competitively. 2017, my activity has been hampered by sore/stiff back, neck, and various arthritis ached including a nagging right hip. I have been unable to ride this year due to lack of balance and flexibility. Then my instructor gave me Ryan's card and suggested that I try his approach of muscle relaxation and control.... 

From the beginning the exercises/movements eliminated the nagging ache in my right hip. I learned how to help myself relax which brought about breathing more deeply and sleeping comfortably though the night without tossing and turning (I sometimes fell asleep before I completed my evening movements) As I continued this unique, uncomplicated program of simple exercises, my tired back and stiff neck became comfortable and flexible. 

The long days I work as a flight attendant have gotten easier with Ryan teaching me many variations of the movements that I can do throughout the work day. I will definitely be continuing this program with Ryan and continue to explore the movements that have helped me have a better quality of life. 

A thousand "thanks" to Ryan!!!      Sonya O.