"my body could relax and ‘untwist’ from my typical tightened state "

"I read about Hanna Somatics in an on line article. The sedentary lifestyle I have since going back to school and then working in an office has caused a lot of problems for me and Somatics sounded almost too good to be true. I was fortunate to find Ryan Moschell’s practice in Annapolis, Maryland and I signed up for 5 visits  At that time I was in constant leg pain for quite some time and nothing had relieved it and no one could find a solution. I was worried it was an autoimmune disease or something worse. At that point I was willing to try just about anything!

During our first visit, Ryan explained the history and science behind Somatics (I had read one of Thomas Hanna’s books, so I knew a little about it). Ryan photographed me at the beginning of the session and then showed me the first set of exercises. Just a few, easy to do movements, that while requiring concentration, were not physically challenging. The difference was immediate and apparent to me physically and Ryan took my photo again before leaving and showed how my body could relax and ‘untwist’ from my typical tightened state to a more natural state. It was amazing. Over the course of 5 visits over several weeks, I saw the most results when I took the time to do the exercises every day. By the end of the 5 weeks, I could actually go up a flight of stairs without using the bannister to haul myself up! I am amazed at the difference that a few simple exercises have made in my life after dealing with pain and stiffness for the last decade! Ryan is an effective coach and instructor and I am incredibly grateful to have found him!"  Darryl B.