"My goal is to feel young again..."

"About 3 years ago I had just returned from a trip with my wife and my two daughters with a lot of back, hip, and leg pain. I had already seriously curtailed playing basketball (my favorite fun thing to do), and my basic mobility was being restricted.

So I started my quest to get better. I tried physical therapists (3), Thai massage (loved it), the Alexander Technique (loved it), regular massage, tapping, pilates and yoga, MyoFascial release techniques and trigger point therapy. Books and podcasts from John Sarno, Kelly Starrett and many others.  And also a trip to a great orthopedic surgeon who x-rayed my hip and let me know my cartilage was gone.

Each of these helped me to a varying degree, but the breakthrough came when I stumbled upon Hanna Somatics. A google search led me to Ryan, who is the only Somatics teacher in the Baltimore Washington area.

Ryan is a fantastic teacher and has helped me understand what is going on with my body. I chose to purchase the 5 session package as soon as my first visit ended. Since our sessions he has recommended specific specialized exercises (movements) that target the problem areas between sessions. 

I sang Ryan's praises to my yoga teaching wife week after week, knowing she would love Somatics and that it complimented yoga perfectly . Eventually she went for a session and came back absolutely psyched and started using what she learned immediately. 

My goal is to feel young again, and I've already noticed that I am moving in the right direction with improved range of motion, especially in my right hip. I'm playing hoops again and feel good most of the time. I still have areas I'm working on but I know a solution exists and now I know what to do about it."   Scott G.