TMJ Success

"I was plagued by TMJ syndrome for many years, but a few years ago it started to get more frequent and serious. By serious, I mean more painful, and difficult to chew thoroughly when it was acting up. I talked to the dentist who did not really offer any ideas and to a massage therapist who thought he had a special technique, but it didn't help. I mainly pressed on the upper jaw with some minor success but only sometimes. I already knew Ryan as a massage and craniosacral therapist and was intrigued with this new Somatics work and whether it might help.

I had one session in Ryan's office in Annapolis and experienced complete relief by the end of the session, by practicing the technique that Ryan taught me. ONE SESSION! And it was completely successful after all those years - I have never, not once, had a recurrence (about 3 years now) even during times of extreme stress (e.g., husband's serious illness, major move, etc.) It wasn't just the physical technique but Ryan's explanation of the larger picture of neuromuscular "memory" and the importance - and reality - of re-patterning this. Superlatives are hard to believe, but the new movements working so quickly were really remarkable after dealing with TMJ syndrome so long.

I am certain that a big part of the success is Ryan's expertise not only in content but teaching skill - the "how-to", and the "why it works". Beyond this, and integral, he also is profoundly compassionate, present, and affirming - all qualities that help instill a calming and positive "can-do" belief that I can learn this, I can do it, and it will improve this situation. I have complete confidence he can teach movements to help improve other kinds of pain too, and have just started working with him on a more complicated issue from multiple leg injuries.

When I have felt the slightest hint of jaw discomfort, I repeat the movements Ryan taught me - I keep the "worksheet" on my desk, but it is so simple, I don't need to refer to it often to do the movements anywhere. Honestly, I have not had a hint of trouble in a very very long time. And that's amazing after it had bothered me for many years with almost no lengthy spells of relief.It has been wonderful to be free of this chronic pain and discomfort - and the anticipation it would recur. And if it does, I'm sure the movements will help.

I tell everyone about Ryan. I'm probably not very good at explaining how the work and Ryan himself are different from traditional neuromuscular or physical therapy. I am kind of a Luddite about social media, but glad to provide a personal recommendation to anyone who is considering Ryan and Get Out of Shape."

Wendy C.