Once an Athlete Always an Athlete

"I know it sounds silly to most people but even at age 65 I still think of myself as an athlete. My years of activity (and perhaps just my time on Earth) have left me with challenges in my knees, hips, back, and neck.

About 18 months ago I met Ryan at the gym. Our conversation turned to meditation. I don’t think I can express how unusual it is to find a guy at the gym who is knowledgeable and an advocate of meditation, much less a guy Ryan’s size. I thought our conversation was interesting so I asked him to meet me for lunch where it would be easier to talk more. In that conversation I learned about Ryan’s business. I was intrigued enough to try Somatics.

My back has been the main challenge I have faced for many years. I chose to try hands-on Somatics sessions with Ryan and regularly did the suggested somatic maintenance movements at home. The results helped me and soon my workouts had more energy and were more impactful in my physical wellbeing. Months later my neck started to bother me. My neck limitations and pain were affecting me such that for the first time in many years I needed to focus on the challenges of a part of me other than my back. It was when I took Ryan’s suggestion that I take a break from my regular physical fitness activities and really focus and become more aware of my postural patterns. With regular sessions and my daily movements, I started to really experience relief and could grasp what I was doing to keep my neck stuck. I have returned to my physical fitness routine and other activities in a new way and with new awareness and my neck continues to improve.

I honestly didn’t expect that Somatics could improve my health but Ryan proved those expectations to be wrong. Through my work with Ryan I have been able to understand my structural weaknesses and recognize how my posture affects my structure. The movements and awareness that Ryan has taught me will forever be a part of my process to prolong my ability to enjoy the benefits of physical movement for the rest of my life." John G.