"I am finally beginning to understand my injury and how to deal with it."

"I had a hip injury 30 years ago but tried to ignore it at that time and just let it heal. A few years after that, I began to have pain in the opposite knee. This was a huge problem and I had knee arthroscopies and physical therapy to deal with the ongoing pain. Then I started having pain in the other knee and soon needed a scope there, too. Every time I would go to the surgeon or physical therapist, I would mention that this all started back when I injured my R hip. Some tried to address the hip problem but it never improved. Then my back started hurting. I tried chiropractic and yoga. I tried everything. Nothing provided relief for more than a few days. Finally, I was referred to Ryan Moschell, get Out Of Shape®. He and I analyzed my posture and movements and after my hands on table sessions he gave me some specialized movement drills to repeat at home. After my sessions I am finally beginning to understand my injury and how to deal with it. I have been able to stabilize my back and hips which has caused my knee pain to disappear. I am much stronger in my workouts and I am learning again how to lift, run, and jump. If I am struggling with my technique while I lift, I can take a moment to perform a few drills that Ryan taught me and return to my workout with a new awareness of how my body is moving. I continue to see Ryan for sessions at regular intervals, yet the knowledge that he has given me allows me to feel the strength in my back and hip and to use my new body awareness to increase the power in my lifting."

Mary H. , MD

(Posted photo is not of my client.)