"Everything is easier such as walking, breathing, sleeping, you name it."

“After my workshop and individual session with Ryan everything is easier such as walking, breathing,sleeping, you name it. Even my 3x/week boot camp interval training is more fun. I am much more aware of things that my body does when sitting. I tend to bring my legs together and now I know that I am “training” my tight hips  , mostly I sit with my legs slightly apart now ; I hold the steering wheel with less “death grip”

My first ride after the sessions: Due to confidence problems over the last few years, I had too much of a thigh grip in the saddle. This time I did not and my horse went into the canter so much smoother and I was able to follow the motion much more fluently. Also, in riding the image is conveyed “let your legs hang down like a wet towel draped over your arm”. Well, I think I felt this for the first time. My instructor told me after the first Canter Depart to do that again so that your horse will know you have changed an this is the “new you!”.

I like the “new me” and the ease in riding (and other activities), that I don’t want to loose this feeling. Therefore, it is easier to just get on the floor and do some, if not all, of the movements. Next week I’ll have a massage session and am curious as to what the massage therapist will notice. At this time, I definitely won’t have to walk in and say “same old, same old tightness”. There is none that I am aware of. A really strange thing was that my thumb was hurting almost constantly, knitting was almost not possible (someone called this the “old lady thumb”) and it doesn’t hurt any more.

I will say that Felicitas’ comment in the video about looking forward to this vs. dreading other modalities: yoga, PT, makes a lot of sense now and I have to concur.”  Evi