"I feel 20 years younger!"

"I am a 45 year of female.  My experiences with Somatics for the past 2 years have been limited but highly successful.   I am a regular runner and run about 12 – 15 miles a week.  In the winter I  also ski and I am regularly, very active! 

Somatics has improved my mobility when my rigorous sports have required lots of tightening of the muscles and endurance of hold patterns.   I describe the Somatics scenario to friends and  family like this:

The movement includes tightening the muscle into the hold pattern and slowly releasing both literally and cognitively while laying the muscle back down into its freedom position.   It allows me to exercise and be active, while remaining pain free.     

Ryan is extremely well versed in all muscle/tendon areas of the body and is a Subject Matter Expert in Somatics.   With repetition and consistency  of somatic movements,  I can tell my body is relaxed and has released into a more natural, pain free state.

Sometimes after working one on one with Ryan and doing all my movements,  I feel 20 years younger!"    Carla M.