"When I am sore I do slow pandiculations and I am pain free."

 "It has been 4 months since our last session we returned to our spread in Pennsylvania and was a little apprehensive since we maintain the 54 acres mostly ourselves. We returned from California in 2012 and the demands of mowing pastures , fixing stuff and changing heavy equipment on our tractor took its toll on my body. I usually pushed too hard  and on several occasion I was bedridden from pain. In a addition I was always sore and took long naps since the pain drained my energy. So right now since being back I have a lot of energy and most of the time I am not sore and when I am sore I do slow pandiculations and I am pain free. As of today I am starting mat work movements  that will summarized into into a short very few minutes twice a day daily routine.  This stuff is exciting. I also see how my emotions contributed to SMA ( big) in addition to injuries. Well the work has made me more patient when I take a physical challenge on. By profession I am an architect semi retired playing part time rancher / farmer /carpenter. I recently finished re doing a bathroom (carpentry etc.)with the help of a wonderful plumber and I notice how much more patient I am. Lots of contortions and in turn lots of pandiculation. I am fine! Also am installing heavy gate posts and managed not injure myself. Also you may recall I could not do back lifts  because of SMA. You recommended I do them on my back , well as of yesterday I am starting on my stomach and it is working! Your Student , warmly , Harvey  80 years and 4 months" Harvey K.