"Thank you Ryan for giving me back my life!"

"I have been suffering from a herniated disk (L5-S1) since 2010 and have had two surgeries to try and correct the issue which both have failed leaving me with the same disk being herniated again and again. The pain from this had left me walking with a limp and severe pain from my left buttock down the back of my leg into the heel of my foot. This stopped my life while suffering I was unable to do the things I enjoy the most such as Paddle Boarding and Wheeling in my Jeep. I have tried physical therapy for a time with no relief and at that point I was living on tramadol to ease the pain enough to work.

I heard about Ryan Moschell and Somatic Health Solutions and thought I would give it a try as I had nothing to lose at this point. While working with Ryan at the Annapolis and Easton locations I have learned movements that will ease the pain in my back and my legs. While at home I do movements to alleviate pain as well. When I first walked into see Ryan I could barely walk without pain and now I am back out in the world.

I am now back to doing my Stand Up Paddle Board (which after 2 years of not being able to go out on my board I just recently did a paddle board race where I placed 15th in my division and 56th overall and all I was worried about was just finishing the race!), go off-roading with my Jeep friends, wrench on jeeps which requires a lot of getting up and down. I feel more myself, happier that I am not feeling trapped any longer, I can move more freely without the pain.

I would recommend Ryan Moschell and Somatic Health Solutions as he is my lifesaver and can save yours too. Don’t feel like it is over anymore. Give Ryan a try as it is worth it! Thank you Ryan for giving me back my life! "

Kelly B.