"It is a huge step for me to not feel the panic from a tight chest and asthma symptoms"

“I have been working with Ryan for over 4 years through massage therapy with amazing results, but as I started to up my exercise level and my stress level increased with a new job, I started to have some chronic pain. When I explained what I was experiencing to Ryan and he introduced me to Hanna Somatics. The results were amazing from the first session. I found Somatics hard to explain to others, as it is a whole new way of alleviating tension and pain. As I worked through the breathing techniques, and physical movements I discovered it is a way to help your body relax chronic muscular tension, strengthen and heal from pain and injury’s while training your mind to be in tune with your body. I worked thru the early stage of cat stretch movements and working my chronic pain areas. I was amazed how through my somatic breathing movements I could heal and relax my muscles, and my brain would quiet and focus. I felt an immediate connection to Hanna Somatics and the intrinsic benefits of this type of education process.

The benefits are Amazing… increased neck and shoulder mobility, my chronic hip bursitis is alleviated! Having been a lifelong asthma sufferer I can use the breathing techniques and chest/ back stretches and contractions to calm my chest tightness and asthma reactions to allergies and pollen sometimes even without the aid of medication. It is a huge step for me to not feel the panic from a tight chest and asthma symptoms, as I now know that there is a way to have some somatic control.

While I am at the novice level and just beginning my journey I know there is a lifelong benefit to Hanna Somatics and to my quality of my life. As I continue on this journey I know there is so much more to learn and incorporate. I am confidant that Ryan will continue to guide me with the same expertise as I deepen my ability to sense and control the tension as it happens to my body.”  Elizabeth